youth ministries part 2

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Youth Ministry Project (BIBL 120)

Part II – Strategies for Adult and Youth Volunteer Leaders, and Crisis Phone List

  • Strategy for Adult Volunteers
    • Develop your philosophy and approach for including parents in the youth ministry (helpful chapters:Fields, 5 and 8; Burns, 14):
      • Formulate a specific “purpose statement” for volunteer ministry team.
      • In one or two paragraphs, write out your gifts and passion in ministry (what you love to do, what you do well, what you do not like to do, and where you need other persons to fill in the gaps?).
      • Indicate how often you plan to communicate with the youth parents as a group, what medium, and the basic types of content.
      • In one or two paragraphs, define your approach to choosing volunteer parent leaders, particularly a “lead-parent.” In addition, list “job descriptions” for the parent leaders (list the qualifications) and for the “lead-parent” person (make sure to include character standards).
      • List and briefly describe what type of regular “parent-leader” training events you plan to have—give a specific description of each event (and frequency), general topics, and a list/budget of time and needed resources.
    • Create one-page, single-spaced handouts for training parent-leaders (footnote your sources at the bottom of each page) on the following topics:
      • A “relational style” approach for youth.
      • How to lead a small group.
      • Active listening skills (as well as when and how to refer students in crisis).
  • Strategy for Youth Volunteers
    • Develop your philosophy and approach for including student leaders in the youth ministry (Fields, 4 and 9; Burns, 12):
      • Develop a specific “purpose statement” for the student leader team, and generally state what you “plan to do” with student leaders.
      • Describe more specifically the specific roles, tasks, or functions student leaders will be responsible for, and explain your plan for developing student leaders for these roles—how you will challenge them, hold them accountable, and provide training and opportunities to serve.
      • List the specific qualifications for a student leader.
    • (Optional—attach one-page handouts for training student leaders.)

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