you will be writing a biography on one of the monarchs from europe

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You will be writing a biography on one of the Monarchs from Europe. In this paper you will need to tell me a little bit about your monarch. Make sure that you answer the questions listed below.

Step 1:

-Choose One Monarch from the list below:

Catherine the Great <- My selected Monarch

Step 2:

Please include the answers to the following questions in your paper:

-Birth date of your monarch

-Death date of your monarch

-What country did they rule?

-What were the years of their reign?

-Where they a successful ruler?

-What changes if any did they make to the country?

-What did you find interesting about this monarch?

-How did your monarch handle adversity?

-How did your monarch relate to their subjects?

-Would you consider your monarch to be revolutionary? Why or why not?

-What is one amazing thing that you discovered about your monarch?

-How did your monarch change history?

Step 3:

Your paper needs to have the following:

-3-5 pages in length

-12 point font

-Double spaced

– Works cited page

-In text citation

-Please use MLA citation

-Check my work link

-3-5 reliable sources. This could be a book, magazine, website, or documentary. Please do not use Wikipedia because it a blog.

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