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As a business professional, the first step to getting your ideas in front of the decision makers who can help you make them a reality is often writing a proposal. For this assignment, you will present an idea that you have for a new initiative, program, or policy to C-Level management in the form of a 3-page proposal. You will need to gain the interest and attention of your audience using memorable content and strong document design. Your end goal is to request and secure an in-person meeting, which will come in the form of a presentation in Module 3.

Proposals should reflect an understanding of the elements of persuasion necessary to solidify your case (e.g., ethos and pathos). The should present and idea in a convincing way tailored well to a particular audience.

Assignment Prompts

For this assignment,

  • You have a new initiative, program, or policy for which you would like approval from your current employer. The hypothetical audience will be your company’s C-Level team. You may choose a previous company you worked at or even one you hope to one day.

Your proposals should include an outline of your idea. Within that idea, you should address why the idea matters, who would benefit, and what potential concerns your audience would have.

Follow the outline below:

– Start with an Executive Summary: a bird’s eye overview of your idea with all the decision making information that an executive would need to sign off on the project.

– Describing the need your idea will fill, and for whom (Include quantitative research to support your idea where possible). Show an urgency to make the change.

– Providing the rationale: Why is your solution the best one for this space? Get us to visualize the solution in some way.

Costs / Benefits:* What is your projected budget for Year One, where will funds come from, what revenues will be generated (if any), when (whether) you will break even / make a profit?*

Qualifications: What skills/experience qualify you to design and develop this concept?

Conclusion: Summarize briefly the problem, the solution, why it’s the best one, what your audience will gain from the project.

*In view of the brief time span of this course you may provide a broad estimate, but please ground this in some realistic research about the industry or service — including existing competition in the area — that you propose .

*Use footnotes to indicate the sources you pulled information from.

The topic that you select for your proposal will form the basis of your presentation in a future module, so choose carefully. In developing your assignment prompt, be sure to consider the following questions:

  • Who are your intended and unintended audiences?
  • How will you illustrate your understanding of the larger issues that may impact the implementation of your idea?
  • In what order will you organize and present your information?
  • How will you draw the reader’s eye to the most important content? Remember document design is important here.


  • Your submission should be 3-4 pages including images, charts, or diagrams that may help understand the content.
  • Your proposal should be written in a professional tone and should be free of grammatical errors.

Note :- My topic i am selecting for proposal would be hospitality/hotel industry


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