Writing an essay about The Twilight Zone

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Here are the episodes we watched in November:


Long Distance Call

It’s a Good Life

The Jungle

The Mighty Casey

A Quality of Mercy

The Purple Testament

I sing the Body Electric

The Lateness of the Hour

A Piano in the House

The Invaders

A Penny for your Thoughts

Back ThereWrite 7 pages essay about the folliwing episodes:

For example: “How does Rod Serling use irony to make his point about racism in this episode? Does he believe that evil exists in the world and is that opinion formed in part by his combat service in WWII? Is the mousey lead character in “Time Enough at Last” a figure of sympathy or of self-absorption? How did The Outer Limits address these issues differently than the Twilight Zone? What were the social issues facing America when the original series of Star Trek aired? Where they successful in exposing the social problems in our nation? What can we do as writers of the next generation of TV scripts to address ongoing social issues?”


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