writing a tech memo on microscopy

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On the lab handout, it says to include these sections in the report: Objective, Results, Discussion, Conclusion. Using these 4 sections will be more concise – and less work for you, so you don’t need to have a Methods section. Please answer the 3 questions from the lab handout in the Discussion section of the report. The report should be around 4 pages of text – and you can include your graphs at the end; they don’t necessarily have to be incorporated into the body of your report. You can include a small picture of the ruler and/or calipers to mention how you calculated the spatial resolution in pixels/mm. You can include one or two of your intensity profiles, since they all basically look the same. If any of your intensity profiles are particularly unusual, then include that one in the report.

You can put two or more sets of data on the same contrast bar graph to make interesting analyses, such as putting the 10x white & 10x blue on the same plot to compare how contrast changes when a filter is added….

bassicaly, I will upload everything u need such as results for each samples, tables and the dissection question. it should not take you that long tho good luck

if you have any question let me know


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