Writing a Research Article Critique

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Also see attached instruction, evaluation guideline and sample.


  1. Please identify a research or scholarly article. It is strongly suggested to choose a
    research article with a topic that is relevant to your master project. For example, if your
    master project is about to build a math website, then you can choose a scholarly article
    that investigates math teaching.
  2. After identifying the research/scholarly article, please write an APA reference citation
    for the article.
  3. Read the article thoroughly, and then start writing your critique. When writing your
    research article critique, you should include the following segments:

    1. APA citation of the article
    2. Introduction

      1. Does the investigator report on relevant literature?
         Review covers three or more resources published within 5 years that
        appear to be important and relevant.
      2. Is a statement of the problem given? Is it clear?
      3. Is a justification given, i.e., why is this research important or worth doing?
      4. Is the problem related to theory? Discuss.
      5. Is there evidence of bias in the investigator’s language? If yes, give examples.
    3. Objectives, Hypotheses, or Research Questions

      1. If objectives or purpose of the research are stated, are they clear and
      2. Are there a hypothesis or research questions proposed in the article?
    4. Methodology

      1. What type of research design is used?
      2. Is the sample appropriate for the study? Discuss.
      3. Is evidence of validity and reliability given?
      4. Are the treatments described in sufficient detail? If not, what specific
        information is omitted?
      5. Are there any specific weaknesses in the measures or the measurement
    5. Results and Conclusions

1. Are results reported in clear, understandable terms? If not, give examples.

2. Does investigator relate his/her results to his/her hypotheses, objectives, or
research questions?

F. Overall

  1. What are the main strengths of this research?
  2. What are the most serious deficiencies of this research?
  3. In what way and to what extent are these deficiencies likely to have affected the
    research findings?

2. Length of the research article critique is at least one page and double space.


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