writing a literature Critique

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The literature critique is a brief summary of an article from a ‘refereed’ journal (SEE THE ARTICLE IN THE ATTACHMENT). Critiques must be word-processed, single spaces and at most one page. Also, you must have a minimum margin size of 1 inch and maximum margin size of 1 inch on all sides (i.e., where the top, left and right sides are even) of your submitted assignment. Occasionally, your article may not fully reach the bottom margin due to the writing of your summary; thus, if this occurs, you must not leave more than a 1.5″ margin at the bottom in any case.

The only accepted font size must be 12 pt and Times New Roman font type is required. The paper should contain 4-5 well-written paragraphs with proper grammar and spelling. In the final paragraph, briefly discuss something from the article that really impressed you. Only the last paragrage can be written from the first person point of view, but not in any other location of the literature critique should 1st or 3rd person be used (i.e, do not use ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘I’, etc.). The reference must be in APA-Style

At the top of the assignment, please include the following:

Literature Critique #2

Date Due: December 13, 2019


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