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answer these four question and writing about one page!

Given that there seems to have been an increase in major corporate ethical lapses in the U.S since the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008-2009. The GM faulty ignition switch cover-up; the Wells Fargo wide-spread, un-authorized opening of customer accounts; the bribery case against Wal-Mart in Mexico; the VW emissions cheating scandal; and the Chrysler overstatement of auto sales by dealers; are examples, and there have been a number of others.

Answer the questions below:

  • What do you see as the underlying causes of wide-spread unethical behavior by U.S. corporations?
  • How might a corporation structure its strategy, controls, and reward processes to reduce the probability that managers will not pursue their own self-interests at the expense of stockholders and other stakeholders?
  • In a publically held corporation, should the CEO of the company also be allowed to be the chairman of the board? What problems might arise if this is allowed? Explain.
  • Under what conditions is it ethically defendable to outsource production to companies in developing countries that have much lower labor costs when such actions involve laying off long-term employees in the firm’s home country?

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