writing a claim letter

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Business Correspondence: Claim Letter

Directions: Choose one of the following scenarios and write a claim letter for the scenario.

Scenario A – Terrible T-Shirts

You purchased fifty t-shirts from T-Shirts-R-Us for a 5K run that your group, “We’re Stronger Together,” wanted to wear to the event. However, when the order arrived, three days before the event, you noticed the company made an error and the t-shirts said, “Were Stronger Together.” Because it takes at least five business days to remake and ship the t-shirts, your group had to resort to purchasing t-shirts from a local company. Unfortunately, the new t-shirts cost three-times as much as your original cost from T-Shirts-R-Us because you had to purchase the shirts as a rush order.

Task: Write a claim letter to Mr. Ian Hamilton, the owner of T-Shirts-R-Us (13 Woodsman Street
Wilmington, MA 01887), requesting an adjustment for the funds that you lost. Include relevant details to support your claim.

Scenario B – Refused Ride

You requested an Lift-U-Up (a new ride share company) for you and your child, but the Lift-U-Up driver would not allow you to enter the car with your six-year old child because you did not have a booster seat. You tried to explain that your child meets the state guidelines in height and weight for riding without a booster seat, but the driver still refused to allow you to ride. This caused you to be late for work and you had to pay a fee to request another driver.

Your task: Write a letter to company CEO of Lift-U-Up, Ms. Kendra Bowman, (8725 Bear Hill Lane
Mount Airy, MD 21771) requesting an adjustment.

Scenario C— Expensive Empty Seat

To celebrate your birthday, you purchased five front-row seat Broadway tickets from Best Box Tickets for you and your friends ($300 per ticket), and you also paid an insurance fee for the tickets just in case someone dropped out at the last minute. When one of your friends dropped out and you tried to redeem your refund, you were told that you could not receive a refund because you requested the refund five hours before the show began.

Task: Write a claim letter to Mr. Wilbert Berry at Best Box Tickets (342 E 9th St #1B
New York, NY 10003), requesting an adjustment. Include relevant details to support your claim.

Reminders—All letters should:

  • be one page in length (4 paragraphs).
  • have visual appeal.
  • include all relevant information for the user to make an informed decision.
  • appeal to audience’s expectations, attitudes, and technical background.
  • be delivered to class and uploaded into Blackboard by due dates.

Notes—Review the information presented in Chapter 14 as well as your notes to help you compose your letter. Use the textbook as a guide not as a “template.”


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