Write your own prologue to your personalized Canterbury Tales.

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Assignment: Write your own prologue to your personalized Canterbury Tales. Think of a scenario in which six different people would be thrust together. This can be anything from a sporting event and a school club to an airplane and a NASA mission. The only requirements are that there must be six characters and your scenario should provide a reason for each of the characters to tell their own story, like in the Canterbury Tales.

Length: You should write at least 10 lines that describe the situation (like Chaucer’s prologue). You then should write at least 10 lines describing each of your 6 characters or pilgrims (Also like Chaucer’s prologue, except you only have 6 characters, and not the 29 he mentions). Your story should conclude with the character who will tell the first story and at least 10 lines describing how they are chosen to go first (like the knight drawing the shortest straw in the Canterbury prologue). This will provide a clean end to your beginning.

Style and Content: Try your best to write the whole thing in iambic pentameter. It should be written in rhyming couplets. Try to be visual and descriptive with your language. Number your lines at 5 line increments. Illuminate the final version of your prologue with pictures, illustrations, fancy bindings, and decorations for a real feel! Be creative! This is yours!

Format: This assignment should follow all MLA rules including: Header, title, page numbers, and margins. Since this should be all your own work and you are not citing anything, a works cited page and in-text citations are unnecessary.


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