Write an essay on gender norms and the ideas of feminism.

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Write an essay on gender norms and the ideas of feminism, specifically the views of feminism and gender norms that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie describes in her TEDx Talk “We Should All be Feminists.”

In your essay’s body, briefly summarize Adichie’s talk and then write a focused response to key points she makes. Keeping in mind that Adichie’s discussion is directed mostly on Nigerian society as well as the larger society of Africa, to what degree are her arguments and ideas relevant to our society and culture here in the U.S. (as well as any other country’s culture that you are intimately familiar with)? “Gender matters,” Adichie claims—now you respond.


Ideas, quotes, or statistics you use in your essay from sources you researched yourself, must be cited within the essay and have a full works cited page citation.
essay should be at least 1150 words in length


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