Write an essay about “I make Asian American” – 450words +

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I am an Asian Girl but nor Asian American

Please write with the Personal connection as an Asian girl if you are not one.

450 words +

Consider Race and Other Social Categories of Identity – Ethnicity, gender, sexuality

Thinking about your personal connection to Asian America.

The question is one that can be answered by those who identify as Asian American as well as those who do not. After all, Asian America is something that is shaped and reshaped, as well as fought for and fought against by different interests and parties. Because Asian America is created through contestation and imagination as well as social and historical context, it is ever-changing and ever-emerging. Therefore, the question remains: How are you part of the making of Asian America?

Watch the 3 videos below. *

  1. Reflections on Personal Learning: What are some things that you have learned so far from the class?
  2. Your Connection to Asian America: How does what you have learned so far help you think about how you are a part of the making of Asian America? Some examples of what you can discuss include your family history, your sense of identity, your life experiences and observations, ruminations you’ve had, relationships in your life, challenges you’ve faced, hopes you have, etc. Also, especially if you do not identity as Asian American, you can think about your interactions and relationships with Asian Americans, as well as comments and assumptions you and your family have about Asian Americans.
  3. references to 3 distinct videos in your personal essay.
  4. Use the MLA format.

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