​write a script between the salesperson and the prospect.

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write a script between the salesperson and the prospect.

Role Play #2

  • Based on both the behavioral style (the platinum rule) and profession/age/lifestyleof the prospect, set up your strategy for the role play (keep in mind “directness” and “openness” dimensions of behavior).
  • Utilize communication and tension strategies to develop a conversation starter (introduction)that is appropriate for the prospect.
  • Put together a list of probing questions (4-6)that you will use to gain an understanding of the prospect’s specific needs (keep in mind the behavioral style and lifestyle of the prospect).
  • Based on the prospect’s responses to your questions, introduce the appropriate features (rational factors) and how they would benefit(emotional factors) the prospect (also, identify the customer’s “trigger” benefit and incorporate it into your proposal).
  • Finish the selling process with an appropriate confirmation (close) and end with an assuring technique that would allow for a follow-though opportunity with the prospect.
  • Both the customer and seller should be prepared to “act” out their designated role (based on behavioral style).
  • The role play should be approximately 7-10 minutes in length.
  • Happy Selling!!

Grading of the Role Play (80 pts total) will be based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated effective understanding of company and the company’s product
  • Made appropriate introduction (0-10pts).
  • Adapted to the behavioral style of the buyer (0-10pts).
  • Appropriateness of probing questions relative to customer & scenario (0-10pts).
  • Effectiveness of proposing the appropriate features & benefits to the customer (0-20pts).
  • Effective confirming (closing) technique to conclude sales process (0-10pts)
  • Demonstrated follow-through (assuring) technique (0-10pts).


Role Play #2

(The Scenario – Selling a Tesla Model 3)

You are employed as an “Auto Consultant” at the recently opened Tesla store in Towson. Your responsibility is to persuade (sell) prospective customers that the Tesla Model 3 would be their best automobile purchase option. You need to develop an appropriate strategy(s) that would meet your customer’s specific needs (identify or enlarge their “Need Gap”). Be sure to factor in both the customer’s behavioral style and lifestyle when presenting the Tesla Model 3 (prepare for possible resistance scenarios that you might expect to encounter from that specific prospect). You will need to research the vehicle (features/benefits/pros/cons) and then determine the best manner to present relevantproduct information to your prospect.

Good luck!

The individual(s) that you are meeting with is/are………….

*(Assume that your prospect is currently evaluating/comparing other vehicles from other auto manufacturers)

1. Retired couple (Relaters).

2. Single professional woman in her 30’s (Director).

3. Single professional man in his 50’s (Socialzer).

4. Recent Towson University graduate (Socializer).

5. Couple with two young children (Relaters).

6. Middle-aged “empty-nester” couple (Thinkers).<<<<< this one

Notes to Remember About Thinkers:


  • Indirect and self contained (guarded).
  • Concerned with the analytical process and are systematic problem solvers
  • Organization and structure are important, likes charts, graphs, and spreadsheets
  • Don’t like to interact with other people very much
  • Tasks executed on time and well done

Thinker Weakness:

  • Slow at making a decision
  • Picky
  • Irritated by surprises
  • May come off as unfriendly

Decreasing Directness:

  • —Talk & walk at a slower pace
  • —Seek & acknowledge others’ opinions before making a decision
  • Do not interrupt
  • —When talking, provide pauses to give others a chance to speak
  • Refrain from criticizing, challenging or acting pushy
  • Less frequent eye contact


  • —Avoid social communicating, appeal to their logical side.
  • —Explore their expertise, objectives & concerns.
  • —Emphasize accuracy, quality & reliability.
  • Disclose any obvious disadvantages.
  • —Provide documentation of all relevant options; make deliberate decisions.

The Top Four Characteristics of Thinker Executives Are:

  • Thinkers are all about the process. They need to understand how you get from Point A to Point B and it needs to make sense.
  • They are intelligent and competitive.
  • They will ask questions in the meeting because they want to know the good and the bad about everything.
  • They are more concerned about control than innovation.

Here Are Four Keys to Success when Dealing with Thinkers:

  • Your presentation needs to be in chronological order. Remember, they are all about process, so your meeting needs to be structured in a step-by-step process.
  • Involve them throughout the process. Get their ideas and get them excited about what you’re doing.
  • Address risks up front. Lay it out and allow them to process it.
  • Openly communicate any concerns.


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