Write a one page summary

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“The article and video is in this website.” (https://www.lynda.com/Facebook-tutorials/Facebook-…)

As we cover all the best practices of Facebook, including creating Facebook ads, we will watch excerpts of this course on Lynda.com and you will be expected to watch the tutorial (or select certain chapters in the tutorial) on your own, and summarize your key learnings in a one-page summary and how this might apply to your group project, your future internship or job. One page summary needs to include details from the video course to show evidence of learning and retention of material. You are certainly familiar with Facebook as a personal social media platform, but many of you are not aware of the robust ad platform, and how to properly write and set up a Facebook ad to grow a business. The video course is organized by section, so if there is a particular section that you watched, then summarize the key learnings.


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