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you can write journals about the class sessions, exercises, guest speakers and movies wherever you see this note: ‘Don’t forget to write your reflection paper after today’s class’. Your journal entries will be in the format of reflections. Your journal entries should be tied to course material. A reflection is not a recap of the class, lecture or the exercise. A proper reflection paper is a combination of your thoughts, analysis of what you have experienced. In doing so, please relate your reflections to class topics. A reflection paper demonstrates your understanding and interpretation of the experience/course material. Therefore, a reflection paper is a personal account and is less structured than a regular paper you write for other classes. Each journal entry is 5% of your final grade. Journal entries due at the beginning of next class. You need to attend the class to write a journal entry. Each journal entry should be minimum 500 words. Please include a word count.

We will have plenty of Middle Eastern food and snacks for you. This is a
conversation event designed a few years ago by one of my former students
of Global Issues and Public Diplomacy class. The goal is to open up
conversations and allow the space for students to get to know each
other. The idea behind this project is to facilitate easier
conversation, build confidence amongst participants and use culture as
facilitating platform. There will be about 30 participants and five
facilitators for the conversation. We will break into groups of 5 or 6
and go around answering the set of questions I will provide for each

You will have a chance to journal your thoughts on this session.

Additionally, since we had a very good discussion last week I am giving
you the opportunity to write up a journal entry regarding last week’s
discussion. The syllabus will be updated on Canva accordingly, please
check online.

In class, we discussed these problems. Divide the discussion into groups of 6-7 people. I am an international student from China. I came to the United States to go to college. There were three Chinese and one Vietnamese in our group and me, and the rest were native americans. We discussed the cultures and religions of different countries, especially the culture of China. Only by discussing the cultures of different countries can we find out who we really are.


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