write 500 word as a reflection of chapter 1 of the book The American Dream by Jim Cullen

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it is a 500 words after reading 34 pages

12 point + times newromen

this “Reflection” is a personal narrative. I am looking for your thoughts, your insights to the questions below. I am looking for details and specifics. If it helps you to set up your thoughts with a quote from one of readings, or to use a quote to deepen your writing, you certainly can use one, but it is not required for the “Reflection” assignment. If you use a quote, within your text give the author, the title of the work and approximately where your quote can be found. For example: In American Dream by Jim Cullen, in the first chapter, I was struck by “XXX” (add quote), and it made me think of my experience with XXX.

Also note: novels are in italics; short stories, essays are in quotes.

So, this is what should be answered in the Reflection

What does the American Dream mean to you? Your family? Your community? How would you define the American Dream in 2019?

as i said i will post the pages after accepting the question since it does not allow me to upload all of them it is a small book like 6×6 inches


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