WPA2 has many critical security advantages over WEP

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write about this sentence 200 words. Inform way . easy way . it need to come from a guy don’t know too much about WEP.

•WPA was designed in 2003 as a replacement for WEP and was quickly followed in 2004 by WPA2, the algorithm that remains the standard today

•Non-static encryption key

•WPA uses a hierarchy of keys: New keys are generated for confidentiality and integrity of each session, and the encryption key is automatically changed on each packet

•This way, the keys that are most important are used in very few places and indirect ways, protecting them from disclosure


•WPA allows authentication by password, token, or certificate

•Strong encryption

•WPA adds support for AES (advanced encryption standard), a much more reliably strong encryption algorithm

•Integrity protection

•WPA includes a 64-bit cryptographic integrity check

•Session initiation

•WPA sessions begin with authentication and a four-way handshake that results in separate keys for encryption and integrity on both ends

•While there are some attacks against WPA, they are either of very limited effectiveness or require weak passwords – long random passphrase is best


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