women in management 2

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Think about women leaders that you know. These can be women you know professionally or personally – however, you must have seen them displaying leadership behaviors.

1.Pick one woman and decide if she displayed an androgynous style of leadership.

2.If this woman displayed an androgynous style of leadership, discuss how she did this (e.g., what behaviors) and evaluate if the style was effective


If this woman did not display an androgynous style of leadership, discuss how an androgynous style might have made her more effective.

Write an essay that summarizes your analysis of points 1 and 2.

Remember, your rationale must be supported by the readings. You can (and should) incorporate academic sources beyond the assigned readings to support your perspective/rationale/argument.

Additional information on written assignments can found in the course introduction


K&R, Chapter 1, Crossing the Bridge: Reflections on Women and Leadership, pages 65-92.

K&R, Chapter 17, Disrupting Gender, Revising Leadership, pages 453-474.

Korabik, K. (1990). Androgyny and Leadership Style. Journal of Business Ethics, 9(4/5), 283-292.

NO PLAGIARISM AND use the sources


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