WK 7 Assignment – Personal Safety

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Have a discussion with your field instructor regarding the types of practices, policies, etc. in your placement setting that could contribute to strong emotional reactions by clients (e.g. real or perceived rigid bureaucracy, burnout and depersonalization of clients, etc.). For this week’s Video Discussion, complete the following:

  1. Create and submit a written script of your video discussion. You must type out your comments verbatim. The goal is to show organization of thought prior to recording your video post. Use APA style citations to reference readings discussed in your video discussion. These references can be from both the assigned readings and outside sources.
  2. Record approximately a 3-5 minute video that addresses the following: • Based on this discussion, what kinds of high risk clients or situations might you encounter in field placement?
    • What recommendations might you suggest to increase violence prevention, risk reduction, and personal safety?
    • After recording the video, return to your transcript to ensure that the text in your transcript matches what you actually said in your recording

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