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Some symptoms of DID include memory loss, extreme distress, and several identities. Treatment for DID includes the therapist helping the client to “(1) recognize fully the nature of their disorder”, (2) recover the gaps in their memory, and (3) integrate their subpersonalities into one functional personality” (Comer & Comer, 2021, pg. 413). The therapist might attempt to introduce the clients several personalities to each other to show them the nature of their disorder. Memories are then recovered through therapies such as hypnotherapy or psychodynamic therapy and then subpersonalities are integrated also through psychodynamic therapy, drug therapy, or cognitive-behavioral therapy.

 Some symptoms of PTSD include sleeping issues, extreme responses, extreme distress, memory loss, avoidance, and flashbacks (Comer & Comer, 2021). Common treatment options for PTSD include “antidepressant drug therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples or family therapy, and group therapy” (Comer & Comer, 2021, pg. 384). Exposure techniques such as prolonged exposure are common for treating PTSD as it is proven to be the most helpful. In prolonged exposure, clients are challenged to confront their trauma for longer periods of time.

The disorders share symptoms of memory loss, experiences of trauma, avoidant behaviors, and distress. Both disorders might use cognitive-behavioral therapy as treatment for recovering memories and bringing the traumatic experiences to the surface to be faced.


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