Wk 10 Response 1 Nursing Technology, health and medicine homework help

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Please create a response to my classmate posting that I will list below.

APA format*** 2 paragraphs for the response below***at least 4-5 sentences each paragraph***2 References**

My Classmates posting is below:

Every nurse has a professional and moral responsibility to every
patient she cares for. With the explosion of social media along with
information technology, the need to protect patient’s right to privacy
has become of upmost importance. (McGonigle, Mastrian, 2015) This
translates to not only abiding by ethical principles but also the legal
implications associated with confidentiality breeches. Nurses are put in
numerous ethical dilemmas in their careers but proper judgment can
protect the nurse as well as the facility in which she is employed.
Information technology has increased the risk to confidentiality and
according to (Brown, 2009), healthcare professionals have obligations to
safeguard health information so that unauthorized use, disclosure and
access cannot occur.

Security Issues and Portable Devices

According to (Barrett, 2011.), mobile devices create a risk of
personal health information (PHI) disclosures because of how these
devices store memory. These devices store memory within the computer‘s
memory, a SIM card or memory chip. The record of the data is stored on
that device. And also, as mentioned, mobile devices do not use
encryption servers that can aid in privacy. The article also mentioned
that a survey of 600 U.S. health facilities showed that 66% reported
theft related data breech because of these devices. Also the use of a
clinician’s personal mobile device, authentication without passwords,
lack of encryption, public Wi-Fi and unsecure cellular networks can also
put patients at risk with these mobile devices.

Safeguards at My Organization

My organization promotes a culture of safety by the numerous ways PHI
is protected. If you work from home, it is required that you write on
dry erase boards and no passwords can be written down. These passwords
are also changed numerous times throughout the year. While working from
home, you must have a designated room for a home office, it must be
behind a door that locks, the computer equipment cannot sit near a
window and the computer must be locked when you walk away. This also
applies while working in the office. There are mandatory periodic home
inspections for compliance and they only give you a 45 minute time frame
before inspection. Also, while talking to patients various patient
identifiers are used before any conversation is started.

Area Where Improvement is Needed

An area where improvement is needed in my organization is the
utilization of portable laptops by leadership staff. They carry these
computers everywhere so that they can track telephonic compliance as
well as emails, etc. They sometimes take them to lunch as well. I feel
that these portable devices are targets for thieves once they leave the
premises. I feel that the one that is used for work should stay at work
and the one that is utilized for home use should stay at home. It is the
constant transporting of these devices that puts the company at risk
for data breeches.

Brown, B. (2009). Improving the privacy and security of personal health records. Journal of Health Care Compliance, 11(2), 39–40, 68.

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Barrett, C. (2011). Healthcare Providers may violate HIPAA by using mobile devices to communicate with patients. ABA Health Esource.
8(2). Retrieved from


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