“Will Teams Work” Case analysis

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TEXT BOOK:  Effective Training systems, strategics, and practices FIFTH EDITION

Case questions

1. what is the managerial context in which these managers will be operating? Do you think training designed to help managers understand the context they will be operationg in will be helpful? why or why not?

2.what types of competencies should be developed in the management training? give your relationale.

3. what types of training should be used to provide the differenct compretencies? how long will it take to provide this training? give your rationale

4.what are the alternatives to management development? do you think one of these alternatives should be used? why or why not

using proper academic essay style (Introduction, Body, & Conclusion) and APA  format answer the 4 questions on page 434. Make sure to use proper citation style.  All direct quotes must be in parentheses and cited with a page number.


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