Wiki Presentation

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Students will be required to produce a wiki site on a topic in European history Since 1500 and present the wiki to the class. The topic of the wiki is of your choosing. It can be on any aspect of art, film, music, or literature. It can be on military, political or economic history. It can be about an individual, a group of people, an event, or a broad subject. Devise the wiki around the following question: what has the subject of your wiki contributed to European history?

The Wiki

Wikis are web pages that can be created and edited by invited users. They can be viewed by the world as a website or by invited users only. For the duration of this class, your wiki should only be edited and viewed by yourself and the instructor of the course.


To create your wiki, go to Google Sites at… Click on the Get Started button and open an account with Google. Click on the CREATE button. In the box that says “Name Your Site” enter your own name and the name of the course. After you enter your new site, click on “More” at the top right and then on “Manage Site.” Then click on “Sharing and Permissions” and on “Change” next to “Public on the web – Anyone on the Internet can find and view.” Click on “Private” and the “Save.” Then at the bottom where it says “Add People” enter my email address,, and then click on “Share and Save.” You are now ready to add content.


The wiki should be at least six pages in length. Each page should contain about 300 words of text and appropriate images/videos etc. The wiki pages should include an outline of major points to be covered (table of contents), brief descriptions of major events, people, etc., an analysis and interpretation of the topic, and a bibliography of at least 5 sources. Be as creative as you like in the presentation. Use audio and visual materials you consider appropriate. Font, color, graphics, video and sound effects, etc. enhances the presentation. All of the student’s multimedia should illustrate and reinforce the presentation. For directions on how to build your wiki, click on HELP in the top right-hand side of your wiki.


Only use materials that have already been published by a reliable source. Do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries or Wikipedia. In general, the most reliable sources are books, journals and other periodicals published by university presses or reputable publishing houses.


Towards the end of the semester, students will present their project to the rest of the class. In the presentation, students should tell the class why they chose the topic, provide a brief overview of the content of the wiki and suggest the significance of the topic in European history. The presentation should be five minutes long.

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