Why I Earned an A, english assignment help

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Why I earned an A in the class. 

  • In this exercise, you’re asked to
    transport yourself into the future. It’s the end of the semester. The
    class is over and you earned an A. Congratulations! Reflect on what you
    did to earn that A. What sacrifices did you have to make? What did you
    do to stay disciplined? How did you manage your schedule to complete the
    readings and assignments? When challenges did arise, how did you use
    the concepts of a growth mindset (see video below)? In other words,
    you’re asked to think about how you plan to achieve an A in the class by
    looking backwards as if it already happened.
  • View the following video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN34FNbOKXc
  • Next, write a short 250-500 word essay
    as if the course has ended. In your essay, respond to the questions
    above and describe whether you typically view learning with a fixed
    mindset or growth mindset.


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