White Population, discussion post; folk healing

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(1) Read Fontaine Ch. 17 titled Meditation and visit the following websites:




2) Find a labryinth! Take a picture of yourself walking the labryinth of your choice! Post at least three (3) pictures of you and the labyrinth and tell where you found it. Here is a potential link to find one in your area: https://labyrinthlocator.com/labyrinth-links/categories/1354-usa-canada Post these pictures in your thread and NOT as an attachment. +5 bonus points for successful completion of this option!

(3) After uploading your picture, in a 300- 500 word response describe the history of the labryinth and it’s significance to meditation and folk healing. How does meditation support health and illness? How did you feel before, during, and after?

The place I found is Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can read about it.

After doing this.

I will Choose two peers posts of students to read it and respond to them using 100-200 words.


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