Where are drugs mostly found​, How do teenagers get addicted to drugs and how can it get solved, and how does it affect the society. Research paper.

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My research is about the Influence of drugs on youth in modern society.

Must include: Where are drugs mostly found, How do teenagers get addicted to drugs and how can it get solved, and how does it affect the society.

Students are expected to synthesize 5-7 articles for the literature review section of their research
paper. The articles must be sociological, must come from peer-reviewed, academic sources, and
must have been published since 2006. The literature review should be 4-6 pages in length.
Formatting: 12pt Times, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, APA format (in-text citations)
What is a literature review?
A literature review is your written discussion about the research and theories that have been
published about your topic. A literature review is an organized discussion that requires you to
summarize and synthesize the information you learn from your references/resources. The goal of
the literature review is to tell your readers what other researchers have discovered about the topic
and why that matters (to sociology, to society as a whole).
To build your literature review, complete the following for each reference:
1) summary: describe the main points of the research… the data source, the research questions, the
2) evaluation: explain the importance of the research… what was most interesting about the
findings? did they study a unique sample of people? what did they contribute to the sociological
understanding of your topic?
After you have summarized and evaluated each article, look through your notes so that you can
identify broad concepts/categories within your references/sources. Your literature review will be
comprised of these themes, organized into TWO sections. You will not simply summarize/evaluate
each article in turn; you will integrate the key aspects/findings from each source in the sections of
your literature review.
*Common themes for literature reviews include: 1) theories and concepts used to research the topic,
2) demographic characteristics of the research participants, 3) experiences of people or groups
about the topic, and 4) consequences/outcomes related to the topic.
*Note: Lyndie can help you figure out your themes… just ask!
This literature review will require that you compare and analyze, synthesize and summarize. These
are complex tasks that require clear writing, so that your reader understands your exploration of the
topic. Once you have identified your themes, you will create section headers (italicized) throughout
the literature review. For each theme/topic, should start the sections with a few sentences, to frame
the focus of the following paragraphs; these are like sign posts to your readers, guiding their way
through the themes of your literature review.


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