What Would You Do? Ethics and Today’s Administrative Professional

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Must be original, no plagiarism. Must have references and be marked in the body of the work. No Wikipedia        

Read Ethics and the
Administrative Professional. What Would You Do?
 (http://www.amanet.org/training/articles/Ethics-and-the-Administrative-Professional-What-Would-iYou-Do.aspx) Prepare a two- to three page paper with
your responses to the five cases presented at the end of the article. Clearly
identify each case and prepare an explanation of how you would respond or react
in each scenario using communication techniques used to manage conflict. Your
responses should be thorough and complete with details explaining your response
and using knowledge from this class and two outside resources. You may also
indicate if additional information is needed and if so, what would you like to
know.  Your paper must be prepared using APA formatting. In addition to
the two to three pages of text, include a title page and a reference page.



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