What work can the auditing firm perform?, assignment help

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Related to Sarbanes-Oxley and auditor independence, here is a scenario. What work can the auditing firm perform?

Smith, CPAs has obtained XYZ Corporation, a new publicly held client.
XYZ Corporation has various accounting related needs that Smith, CPAs
would like to fulfill. Partner-in-charge P. Smith has discussed with XYZ
Corp. the possibility of performing the annual
audit of XYZ Corp. as well as preparing the tax returns, business plan,
quarterly write up services, and providing consultation on the
viability and valuation of mining gas reserves in Tennessee. An outside
expert would be hired by Smith CPAs to provide expert
advise to the CPA firm on mining gas reserves.

Additionally, Smith CPA’s audit manager who will be assigned to this
audit has previously been approached by XYZ Corp. to come work for the
company as Chief Financial Officer. So far to date, the audit manager
has refused the offer since his cousin’s sister-in-law
is a 10 percent shareholder in XYZ Corp. and does not want her to have
any say in his employment.

Under the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, what issues do you see and how
would you advise Smith CPAs? Is there ever a time when Smith CPAs could
perform any of these services for XYZ Corporation?


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