What Were They Thinking Part 2 DB

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For the Module 1 discussion you looked for a ridiculous product. In this second installment of “What were they thinking?!?!” go to Youtube and find the most ridiculous advertisement that you can. Remember that most advertisements you currently see on TV are also on YouTube, including even some old commercials that you saw on TV when you were kid.

Note: it is the advertisement rather than the product that should be ridiculous, as you already gave an example of a ridiculous product for Module 1. Most advertisement you see on TV are for fairly routine products – insurance, cars, restaurants, etc. So focus on advertisements that are ridiculous but the products are somewhat normal.

Share the link to the ridiculous commercial with your classmates and explain why you found it ridiculous. But no matter how ridiculous the advertisement seems, remember that a lot of money was likely spent developing and producing it. So try your best to explain what the advertising geniuses at this company were thinking when they came up with this advertising campaign, and use the terminology and concepts from the background materials in your answer. In particular, do you think the advertisement meant to be informative or a persuasive? See page 13 of the Pearson Tutorial for an overview of the different advertising objectives including informative versus persuasive.


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