What made me that wanted to spend my days think Carson, English discussion help

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What made me that wanted to spend my days think Carson. “They are nih middle schoolers?” thought Ms. Jason, who diving me crazy today. Jack keeps bothering to read his assignment. In fact, all of the boys are string fidget. The girls seem to like the story they are reading andare anxious to discuss it. The boys, on the other hand, seem to want nothing to do with it.” Why do we have to read this story?” Jason blurted out. It’s only about some sissy girl who thinks she can hit a baseball. Why don’t we play baseball? The boys against the girls. That’ll show who can play baseball.” sstory that the girls could see themselves as athletes who can be competitors. Now the boys don’t see them selves in the story. Maybe boys and girls should be taught n separate classrooms.” Questions

 1. Why is Ms. Carson concerned about how girls are portrayed in the literature that her middle-schoolers read? 

2. Characterize the difference between the girls’ and boys’ behavior in this classroom. 

3. What could Ms. Carson do to engage both the girls and boys in the same literature lesson? 

Answear each question in about 100 words


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