What elements characterized the southern economy?

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  1. What elements characterized the southern economy? What were the major cash crops grown, and what were the differences in geography and capitalization needed to start a plantation in any of these crops? How did the plantation economy aid the northern economy and why did the two diverge?
  2. How did the institution of slavery function and what was its impact on the slave. What were the means by which slaves asserted their own dignity and self worth as individuals and as people? Explain the oral tradition in slave societies.
  3. Who were the “plain folk” of the Old South? Who were the poor whites and what were their ambitions? How were there ambitions curtailed by the prosperity of the cotton economy? What was the difference between the “poor whites” and yeomen?
  4. Describe the expectations of women in the Old South. In this discussion there should be mention of the status women attained.
  5. Just what are GRITS anyway?

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