wesley autrey was standing on a new york subway platform when a stranger next to him had a seizure autrey and two other bystanders helped him through the seizure but as the stranger stood up he fell onto the tracks autrey leaped down onto the tracks

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In this case study, you will evaluate Autrey’s act of saving the stranger by holding him down in the drainage trench by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Your judgment of Autrey’s act of saving the stranger.

Step 2: Use at least two premises to construct a moral argument that supports your judgment. Write the argument as a numbered list of claims. Mark the normative premise(s) with an asterisk; mark the conclusion with the conclusion symbol, .: (You may use a period followed by a column to do the conclusion symbol). Indicate clearly if you are using Type I or Type II argument (c.f., Lesson 5.3)

Step 3: Evaluate the argument. In a short paragraph, explain how well the argument satisfies the three criteria for a good argument— premise acceptability, relevance, and sufficiency that you learned in Chapter 1.

Step 4: Do a Second-Tier Evaluation. Evaluate the argument in terms of the following three concepts in Virtue Ethics.

(1) Motivation/Character Traits
(2) Practical Wisdom
(3) Virtues as multi-track dispositions

Step 5: Expand your Two-Tier Evaluation. Describe a time when you or someone you know acted out of a morally admirable motivation but ended up failing to achieve what you set out to do. Was your failure the result of bad luck, a failure of practical wisdom or both? What would Autrey do if he were in your shoe? Why?


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