week 7 questions

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Discussion Prompt 1: This week, you learned about organizational ethics and its importance in the medical field. We have spent the majority of the course discussing the importance of ethics in medical decisions and medical treatment, but ethics on the business side of a medical facility is just as important. We have taken time to discuss some ethical concerns related to business, such as treatment of employees, but all actions related to running a business have to be ethical for a business to be successful.

For this discussion prompt, use the St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. After reviewing that scenario, the information regarding organizational ethics that you learned this week, and all of the material that you have learned thus far, discuss the culture of ethics at St. Martha’s. Give specific facts from the scenario that describe the culture of ethics, related to both the medical and the business side of the facility. Then, discuss at least three ways that the ethics committee and healthcare administrators can improve the culture of ethics at St. Martha’s.

Complete your Week 7 required discussion prompts:

Discussion Prompt 3: Although financial penalties have dramatically increased in recent years, the likelihood of being inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is relatively low. Do you think that increasing financial penalties is an effective way to lower injuries at workplaces? Explain.

Discussion Prompt 4: Catalog all the injury prevention mechanisms that you encounter directly or indirectly as you walk around your house, your neighborhood, or your workplace for 30 minutes. For instance, what are the major injury prevention and control measures in your car? Attempt to include educational, environmental, and engineering solutions in your list.


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