Week 6 DQ 2 – Response to fellow classmate Chuol Tut, psychology homework help

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The advantages of having the supervisor train before the employee will be a great benefit for the organization as well as employees. The knowledge gained by the supervisor will help the organization to have better quality control management of materials made by the company. The supervisor can also help by coaching the employees while they are making good quality products based on his/her training skills. Performance appraisal effectiveness refers to the accuracy of performance observations and rating as well as ability of the performance appraisal process to improve the ratee’s future performance (Lee, 1985). Accuracy performance observations have been measured in a number of ways. Some require a comparison of rating to true score measures of performance; others use differential accuracy, which requires rater to make fine-gained differentiations among ratees within each performance dimension. The self-rate should be given to employees and it is important for each employee to rate their own performance. If they are honest they will do better outcome on their own, but it can help them do better for future performance. The only disadvantage of self-rating, some employees rate themselves below. Please provide a 150-200 word response to the question and please use at least 1 reference. Also please cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info for reference if applicable


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