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Generational Differences in Workplace Behavior posted by William Walker

It is an important skill in the modern workplace to be able to collaborate effectively with employees of all ages. While the younger generation’s numbers are growing there are a large number of baby boomers that are still in the workplace. Additionally, age discrimination laws will incur liability upon organizations that refuse to hire older workers. Studies vary in their findings concerning differences in workplace values between older and younger generations. The results from this study identify a few key differences between generations. For example, according to Becton, Walker, and Jones-Farmer (2014), “As predicted, the main effect for generation indicated that Boomers reported longer time in one job than GenXers and Millennials” (p. 182). Additional study also concluded that there was no significant difference in attendance and work compliance between the generations. There was also no significant difference in the likelihood of younger generations accepting overtime than older generations.

Becton, J. B., Walker, H. J., & Jones-Farmer, A. (2014). Generational differences in workplace behavior. Journal Of Applied Social Psychology, 44(3), 175-189. doi:10.1111/jasp.12208


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