week 5 response 1

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I need to respond to this in 300-400 words with at least 2 scholary souses in A.P.A. format

According to (Higgins, 2012), Jeremy Bentham known as the greatest legal philosopher and reformer the world has ever seen. One of his most important theories is that “felicific calculus.” It assumed that people are rational creatures who will consciously choose pleasure and avoid pain. Therefore a punishment must be assigned to each crime so that pain would out weigh any derived from the commission of the crime. Thus the philosophy of “let the punishment fit the crime” was derived. (Higgins, 2012), Arguing that there is much motivation than seeking pleasure over pain.

Jeremy Bentham looks at the outcome action action serves to increase pleasure and reduce pain, then that action is good. Utilitarianism focus on outcomes. In reality, an action is not good just because its outcome is good (Higgins, 2012). God the creator of the universe according to the Bible “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Samuel, 16:7, KJV). A second problem being with Utilitarianism it is focus on pleasure and is against what is truly good. Jeremy Bentham look at like the human definition of good and, as such, can be very subjective.

According to Braithwaite and Pettit (2002), What pleasure to one may not be pleasurable to another. The Bible states, God is the definition of good according to (Psalms,86:5;119:68, KJV), and since God does not change (James,1:17, KJV), the definition of good does not change.


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