week 5 response 1

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I need to respond to this in A.P.A. format in 300-400 words with at least 2 references

For this week’s discussion forum we will discuss wether or not a murder investigation is the same to investigate as any other criminal investigation, or are there more factors you would need to consider. According to the text, a murder investigation is considered the most sever statutory crime. A murder investigation is difficult for police because of the mounting pressure from the media and of course the public (Orthmann 2017). Typically, homicides have a very high rate of interest from the public, so you will usually see an influx of media hits, either via social media, newspapers or the local news (Orthmann2017). Exodus 23:25 says “Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.” (Holy Bible). I like this piece of scripture because it helps one realize you will one day be healed.

One of the many factors that makes investigating a murder would be crime scene evidence contamination. Contamination can happen when something is introduced into the scene, and it was not previously there. Contamination typically occurs from the people that are there investigating the scene. Another way a crime scene can be easily contaminated is decided upon where the crime actually occurred. For example, let’s say the crime scene is outside, well than the investigator will need to look at weather and environmental factors, if this is an issue then the investigator will need to make sure there is a tent in place to protect the crime scene (Warrington 2016). The final way contamination can occur at a crime scene happens when dealing with DNA evidence. One example of how this occurs can be when you have a swabbed sample that is air-drying, and then you cough over it, now that evidence has been contaminated and can’t be used (Warrington 2016).


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