Week 4 write a legal policy memorandum to the district court judge

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You will write a legal policy memorandum to the district court judge addressing the controversial issue of obtaining a fair cross
section of jurors to serve on a jury. By analyzing this specific issue, this memorandum will help prepare you for your Milestone Two submission in Module Five,
where you will provide an in-depth analysis of the contemporary criminal justice issue that you have selected for your final project.
The continuing under representation of some groups—including minorities, young adults, and the poor—remains a concern in attempting to create a fair cross
section of the community represented on juries. One reason for this under representation is obvious racism, bigotry, and prejudice. Another reason is that the
poor often cannot afford to be on juries, because they will miss work and be compensated at a much lower wage to serve on the jury. Social class plays a strong
role in conflict theory, as the theory suggests socioeconomic status directly affects the selection of jurors and the disparity in social class of those incarcerated in
this country. Often, attorneys use peremptory challenges to exclude jurors, which require no show of cause or reasonable grounds to exclude. These peremptory
challenges are often utilized when a juror seems apathetic or disinterested in the process. Peremptory challenges are limited in number, whereas challenges for
cause (some type of conflict, bias, or affiliation with the involved parties) are unlimited.

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