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you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings

Harvey believes that a successful health system should incorporate a healthy people, superior care, and fairness. In achieving this, he identifies three key attributes in affordability, acceptability, and adaptability (Fineberg, 2012). Affordability, he affirms, entails a system where all the stake holders in financing health care are not overburdened. It includes the patients and their families, the employers in catering for insurances and the government; the tax payers and the consumers. An affordable health system will ensure individuals can access the best care available (Fineberg, 2012). He explains his second key attribute, acceptability, as that which is satisfactory to the key constituents. Here the key constituents are mainly the health professionals at large and the patients. Finally, he identifies the third attribute as adaptability. He argues that the health system need not to be static. It should be one that can easily be changed in certain situations to work better depending on the demands. It should respond to the ever changing disease situations and demographics, adopt new scientific discoveries, and make use of dynamic technologies so as to remain relevant (Fineberg, 2012).

Harvey identifies a myriad of challenges affecting the health system in the US and to these, he suggests ways to overcome them. He finds it necessary to enhance efforts aimed at improving the safety and quality of medical care. Secondly, he suggests that patients should be treated in a more humane way to enhance fast recovery thus reducing the cost of admission (Fineberg, 2012). Thirdly, stakeholders in the system should ensure they only act to the best interest of the patient especially regarding the care of terminal illnesses. Fourth, the health system should upgrade its systems to ensure smooth functioning of hospitals that will reduce overcrowding and improve performance. Fifth, he thinks the system should work to collect data on the effectiveness of patient care through research that will ensure the patients receive better care at a cheaper cost. Finally, he advocates for a system that values accountability among the healthcare professionals and one that acknowledges inter-professional education (Fineberg, 2012)


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