Week 3 Task 4

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After finishing the simulation,

Develop a 1,100- to 1,500-word evaluation of Magic Graffix’s behavior and performance initiatives.

Include the following in your evaluation:

  • What is the appropriate interviewing technique to address the attrition problems and hire the appropriate employees? Explain why.
  • Is Magic Graffix using a specific selection test or technique? If not, what is the recommended selection test? What criteria should they use and why is it appropriate for Magic Graffix?
  • Provide an analysis of three performance appraisals and identify which one is the best tool to use at Magic Graffix.
  • Discuss other corrective measures that you would recommend.

Paper must be organized with appropriate headings in APA. Papers without headings will receive a deduction in points. Support main statements with research. In addition to the textbooks, use several sources to support your work. List references in a separate page and include a title page.

Work submitted in other formats that are not Word document will earn a zero. Work submitted with no citations and references is unacceptable and will earn zero.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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