Week 3, Club management project homework help

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Week 3 Individual Project 1

Deliverable length: 200 – 250 words

Course Objective(s):

  • Explain the types of club membership structures
  • Construct the daily duties in a typical country club
  • Describe the role of service in private clubs and meeting member expectations


All clubs offer some type of food and beverage service to members. Some have just one food and beverage outlet while other clubs provide members with a wide variety of dining options that often include fine dining, casual dining, catered special events, lounges/bars, grill or card rooms, and snack bar operations.

Explain why food and beverage operations are important to clubs.

Describe how club food and beverage operations are similar to, and different from, their counterparts in for-profit, commercial food service operations?

Discuss some factors that must be considered when club managers plan menus for food and beverage outlets.


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