Week 11 individual for Justice in the Community

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The nature of law enforcement agencies is quite political. The sheriff is elected by popular vote; a police chief however is typically appointed by the city manager who is also an elected official. The county commissioners and city council oversee police operations. Both of these groups are elected positions comprised of members from the community.

Please answer the following question:

  • Why is policing inevitably political? Explain the political nature of police-community relations and community policing.

Please remember that your homework assignment should be written in your own words. You cannot simply find an article and cut and paste it and then submit it as your assignment. You should use scholarly resources to support your opinion, however citing your work and giving authors appropriate credit is very important. If an idea is not your own, you must cite your work – this includes paraphrasing. (Please refer to the school’s plagiarism policy for more information). Furthermore, all citations and references need to be in APA format.

WRITING TIP: If you have a scholarly resource listed in your references, then that resource needs to be also cited somewhere in the body of the paper. If you have a citation in the body of the paper, then that means it also needs to be listed in your references.

UNACCEPTABLE RESOURCES: The following resources should not be used in your academic careers. These sources allow any user to add or change information, which means they are not credible or scholarly. Typically, you should avoid using websites that end in .com; you should be using websites that are .org or .edu. This is not an extensive list, but these are the most common sites used:

  • Wikipedia.com
  • Sampleessays.com
  • blurtit.com
  • cliffnotes.com
  • wisegeek.com
  • answers.com
  • wiki.com
  • law.com
  • associatedcontent.com
  • enotes.com
  • oppapers.com
  • ehow.com
  • about.com
  • academon.com
  • infoplease.com

Similar sites should not be used.

If you are uncertain as to whether a site is scholarly or not, please check with your instructor.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.


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