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Please reply to the following two post 100 words one reference each

# 1 Jasmine Matos

The Florida Board of Nursing (BON) is the board in charge of management and regulation of nursing practitioners within the state of Florida. The board is constituted of individuals from various backgrounds and professional experiences all of whom are residents of Florida. It consists of consumers and professional nurses to legal practitioners. They derive their authority from the Nurse Practice Act.

The statute offers various functions to be fulfilled by various medical practitioners. Medical practitioners and healthcare providers need to be licensed and registered with the board in order to practice within the state. When it comes to individual functions, each professional qualification is given their own set of mandates from provision of medical services from observation, assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation of care. Nurses can perform clinical procedures to administering first aid and performing basic assistance as prescribed by physicians.

Professional misconduct is defined as taking or performing medical procedures that are not within the criteria of the license provided. It also involves having ethical issues that are against the Nursing Practice Act. Breach of patient dignity is an example of professional misconduct as it involves treating the patient with dignity and equally regardless of the treatment. It also involves breach of patient safety among other practices as defined by the statute.

Sanction for the misconduct involve penalties, fines and citations depending on the veracity or seriousness of the misconduct. Fines can be charged on individuals depending on the misconduct that they have been found guilty of. Withdrawal of licenses usually occurs when the misconduct leads to the destruction of the reputation and integrity of the practitioners.

in order to attain good standing, a nursing practitioner needs to have not had any have any restrictions, cancellations or suspensions on your license or registration.

there several nursing organization within the country. To give three examples;

  1. Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association
  2. Alliance for Psychosocial Nursing
  3. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  4. American College of Nurse-Midwives

the nursing practitioners act is meant to provide a form of regulation against abuse of the authority and duty of provision of healthcare services. In my opinion, there should be more seats for representation of consumers who are not politically affiliated in order to make it possible filter and get access to feedback regarding the practitioners’ services and healthcare system.


Florida Board of Nursing

Accessed at: https://floridasnursing.gov/

The Florida Nurse Practice Act, Chapter 464, Florida Statutes


Ailet Rodriguez

Structure and Authority of the Board

Florida’s Board of Nursing plays a critical role in the regulation of nursing practices in the state of Florida. The board is made up of 13 members. Seven of the members must be Registered Nurses who have practiced for at least four years, one must be a nurse executive, one a nurse educator in an approved program, three must be practical nurses with at least four years of experience, and lastly, three must be consumer members connected to nursing (Florida Board of Nursing, n.d). The board has authority to license, monitor, discipline, educate, and rehabilitate professionals affiliated with the organization.

Code of Conduct as described in the Nurse Practice Act

The Nurse Practice Act that was enacted by the Floridian legislature places responsibilities on the nurses to ensure competent and safe care to all patients in different health care environments (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2019). Nurses are required to meet the minimum requirements for safe practice before they can practice within the state of Florida. Nurses are also required to practice in accordance with the Nursing Code of Ethics.

Sanctions for Misconduct and How to Remain in Good Standing

Failure to practice according to the required ethics and standards of practice can result on sanctions for a nurse. The board has the authority to execute disciplinary action for the nurses who act against the rules of the board and standards of ethics (Haylock, 2014). The action may include taking away the nurse’s license. Nurses can remain in good standing by paying attention to all the standards of practice and respecting them in all the actions that they take in their profession.

There are other nursing organizations that perform similar roles to the Florida Board of Nursing. Three examples of such boards include Arizona Board of Registered Nursing, Delaware Board of Nursing, and Alaska Board of Nursing. There is also the American Association of Nurse practitioners that governs advanced practice nurses in the U.S.


Florida Board of Nursing. (n.d). The Board. https://floridasnursing.gov/the-board/

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Toney-Butler, T. J., & Martin, R. L. (2019). Florida Nursing Laws and Rules. In StatPearls [Internet]. StatPearls Publishing.


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