Watch the following videos, and answer the following questions (REMEMBER TO WATCH THE VIDEO, THERE IS NOT INFORMATION ONLINE)

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Henry Stewart Talk series

Competing in Foreign Markets

A Global Perspective on National Challenges by by Michael McDermott

Video Link:…

There is a limited access to this video. So once you accept this assignment from me, I will provide you the ID and Password to get full access to the video.


Note: it is good to listen to the audio part because he makes several key points that are not on the ppt slides that are available.

1. After reviewing the information, how important do you feel the Country of Origin effect is on a firm’s international marketing decisions. Please provide justification for your answer.

2. Using the 4 cell box diagram (PICTURE ATTACHED BELOW) using Country of Origin Effect on Y axle and Costs on the X axles, provide at least 2 examples of Countries which tend to have firms/products which are predominately in each of the quadrants. Why do you feel that they are in the quadrant based on Dr. McDermott Talk? – Need to listen to the audio thoroughly. 2 countries (plus firms) for each quadrant

3. What are the basic problems/challenges for firms that are considered to be World class marketing companies. Are they mostly in quadrant three or four? Explain

4. Review the slide titled International Marketing Challenges: the Macro-micro Relationship. China is considered to be in the Emerging Economy (Phase 1) What is needed for China to move into Emerging Economy (phase 2).

***Remember to watch the video***, there is no online information that you can find to answer those 4 questions. And Please Please answer the question very carefully.

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