Watch Documentary and answer questions According to the film, what is the 13th Amendment “loophole”, political science homework help

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Watch this Documentary and answer questions

  1. According to the film, what is the 13th Amendment “loophole” and how was it exploited after it was passed?
  2. What is meant by the “mythology of Black criminality”, and how was it used after the Civil War?
  3. What was the significance of the film, Birth of a Nation (1915)?
  4. When did the “law and order” period begin in the US? What policies were created during this period?
  5. What impact did the “war or drugs” have on drug laws?
  6. What was the US prison Population in 1970? What is it today?
  7. What was the practice of “convict leasing”? Why was it controversial?
  8. What is ALEC? What role does it play in the prison industry and in law-making?
  9. What are “mandatory minimums”? How are they used as leverage by prosecutors?
  10. According to statistics, what is the likelihood of White men being imprisoned over their lifetime compared to Black men?
  11. What are some final thoughts you have after watching the documentary?

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