Venture entrepreneurs (150 words), business and finance homework help

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Please respond to the following  with 150 words.

A venture champion, also known
as technical entrepreneur, is a person who is highly innovative and pushes to
have their innovative ideas accepted by their organization. Their role is to
promote innovation throughout the organization at a top-down level rather than
bottom up.

Venture champions typically are
30 – 40 years old with master’s-level degrees, 13 years of work experience, and
10 – 15 years of business experience. They are creative, visionary, and highly
resourceful individuals who take advantage of opportunities, and accept
responsibility for their decisions. Venture champions are also extremely hard
workers, and are strong believers in their own capacity. According to Tidd and
Bessant (2013) “technical entrepreneur’s tend to have higher levels of
productivity” (p. 508).

Venture champions are
successful because they are able to obtain capital and resources from the
organization. In addition, they have insight of the organization’s capabilities
and skills, well-proven strategies, and are mentored by experienced managers
within the organization regarding ways to deal with the market.

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