total quality management 34

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Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355

You have finished the total quality management course and you feel like you’ve been armed with the tools that you need to raise the quality standards and your current organization. One of the things that you feel would be helpful is the organization applying for the Malcolm Baldrige quality award. As you know, you will be met with resistance from senior leadership who may not see the value in applying for the award. You understand based on your readings from this week that applying for the Baldrige award not only provides your organization with a certain level of prestige but also can work to improve total quality management in the organization. You also understand that in order to be successful in applying for this award that quality circles has to be something created in your organization just so you can start preparing for having the infrastructure needed to be successful. To help build your case you have decided to create a 10 slide presentation this doesn’t include the title page and any reference slides to explain your point and why it would be good to apply for the Malcolm Baldrige award. Make sure you discuss what the award entails and how it can help the organization. How do quality circles factor into your submission success. What other elements of this course that we had discussed so far can help your case.

As I said you should have 10 function slides to help build your case. You need to have audio added to all of your slides that includes the title slide and the reference slide as there may be some executives who will not be able to hear your presentation live. Remember, a professional presentation has brief bullet points and if you want to add details, utilize the notes section of PowerPoint. If you are going to have pictures or images, make sure they fit your message as this is supposed to be a serious presentation. Also, make sure your theme matches the purpose of your presentation as well.

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