powerpoint presentation 102

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Create a PowerPoint presentation for each point must be no more than five slides :

Equipping Employees with the Right Tools:

Create a core list of software applications for all computers that complement the need for efficiency and collaboration among workers. The software requirements should drive the specs for the next round of hardware requirements.
Imagine that you are the consultant recommending a plan, and include the specs for the next PC and laptop users will be upgrading to in the first life cycle.
Include state-of-the art mobile devices, such as tablets and other smart devices, for professional use only. Personal uses of organizational resources are prohibited.

Enterprise Network Infrastructures :

Develop a plan to upgrade the existing network to IPv6 and upgrade the existing server structure.
Outline the reasons for upgrading both the server and infrastructure, and include the potential risks for doing so.
Find a sustainable and collaborative solution to eliminate the dependency on the shared drive.

comprehensive security plan :

Develop a comprehensive security plan that includes physical, application, operational, and remote security elements.
Develop and/or adapt a computing use and acceptable internet use policy for the organization.
Develop a remote access policy and procedure that includes the considerations of the teleworker/telecommuter.

IT as a Service – Cloud Computing :

Look at cloud-based services for business continuity, disaster recovery, storage, applications, and any other cloud-based service that would prove cost effective without compromising operations.
Provide a detailed explanation for every element that is and is not maintained using the cloud, including the advantages and disadvantages.
For cloud-based services that will be used, include a detailed explanation on how the decision was made.


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