1 why you thought it was good or bad and discuss which touchpoints it leveraged 2 paid owned and earned

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Hello there,

I need a help on two questions.

Every Q should be one page long with double spaced.


  • Good or Bad customer experience? In one page or less, share an example of a good or bad customer experience you’ve had. Tell my why you thought it was good or bad, and discuss which touchpoints it leveraged.

I have already written my experience, you can find it in the DOC. However, it needs proofreading, you can rewrite the story or edit or whatever to get an academic paper. After that the writer must focus on the second part of the question that I haven’t answer it, which is Tell my why you thought it was good or bad, and discuss which touchpoints it leveraged.”


Paid, Owned and Earned

Below is a brief description of what paid, owned and earned media are. After reading this description, please take a few minutes and write down as many digital touchpoints that fall into each of the three categories as possible. These can be channels (e.g., search, social, email, video), specific platforms (e.g., Amazon, Google, New York Times, Gaming Apps, Brand apps), whatever you choose. We will use this as a template for next week’s discussion.

  • Paid media: You can think of this largely as advertising—placements, messages and channels where you have to pay to have your message broadcasted or shared. Two examples are TV advertising and radio advertising.
  • Owned media: These are properties, channels and touchpoints that are owned by your brand. Two of the most common examples include your storefront and your website.
  • Earned media: This is any promotions/press/mentions/engagements you get through others sharing or passing on your messaging. Common examples include social media mentions and press mentions.

Please answer the question in one page.

I don’t need any references for both questions

Many Thanks .


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