week 2 Discussion Question

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To participate in the following discussions, go to this week’s Discussion link in the left navigation.

A Temper Tantrum

Imagine that one of your closest friends has two children; one child is 5 ½ years old, and the other is almost 7 years old. You’ve noticed that they fight with each other often as well as with other children when you go to the playground. The other day, the youngest grabbed a ball from another child. When you gave the ball back to its rightful owner, your friend’s child had a full-out, feet-stomping, and screaming temper tantrum and could not be consoled or redirected for 10 minutes. What early intervention strategies could have been used to avoid this situation from happening in the first place?  Using the information you’ve read this week, do you talk to your friend?  Why or why not?  Use at least one additional source to support your decision.

Guided Response: Review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Build on what your classmates suggested and provide additional recommendations. Explain why you agree or disagree with their decisions based on your additional research.


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